Flexible METAL Conduit, hose With rubber or cotton Sealing Cord Packing
Flexible metal hose, square locked, with rubber cord, cotton cord packing

This conduit is available with a 4 types of packing materials to help increase
the pressure rating of the hose and allow for vacuum applications.
Flexible metal hose, square locked, with packing
*Square-locked galvanized steel strip construction, with sealing cord packing
(cotton, nylon, rubber or copper wire packed)
*Packing for increased strength and air or moisture tightness
*High tensile strength *Also suitable for use as ventilation or as materials conveying ductings

flexible metal conduit, with sealing cord packing:
cotton, nylon, rubber or copper wire packed
Liquidtight Conduit (Gray)
Flexible Metallic Conduit ( YF-708 )
*Square-locked galvanized steel strip construction
*With packing for increased strength and air tightness
*High tensile strength *Also suitable for use as ventilation ductings

Constructed by square locking galvanized steel strip:
*Offers good mechanical protection and high tensile strength.
*With excellent crush characteristics.
*Offering a certain degree of air tightness

Industrial wirings, appliances, automotive wire & cable sleeving, machineries, wire conduits, underfloor applications computer/floor boxes

Also suitable for ventilation applications.

Delikon cable protection metal hoses,
perfect all-round protection for cables and lines.
Overbraided Flexible Steel Conduit For High Temperature Wiring
Over braided flexible steel conduit, abrasion resistant is used in applications requiring high mechanical strength combined with high temperatures. e.g. ovens and furnaces, petrochemical and steel mills.

Braided conduits provide high mechanical strength yet offer high flexibility. The conduit, at full extension, offers high tensile strength without elongation thus protecting cables from being over-tensioned or stretched. Braided conduits also provide a high level of EMI screening for data cables.Overbraided Flexible Metal Conduit Systems for Industry Cable Management

DELIKON flexible conduit systems are used to protect critical power and data cabling. We provide system solutions for technically demanding markets such as Rail, Mining, Marine, Machinery, CCTV, and Telecomms.

DELIKON flexible conduit systems