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Delikon,leading manufacturer of flexible conduits and fittings. Delikon flexible conduits and fittings,your Professional Electrical Wiring Protection Solutions.
Electrical flexible conduit systems
Ingress Protection Ratings Of Delikon Flexible Conduit Systems      Flexible Conduit Assembles  By Model

Delikon's whole rage of electrical Flexible Conduits Systems are here to meet your Ingress Protection requirements. Choose the best flexible solutions for your projects based on different IP ratings:


Quality Electrical Flexible Conduits
IP Rating

Delikon's Whole Range Of Flexible Conduits

IP 40 Braided Flexible Metal Conduitbraided small ID tubingYF-703Stainless steel

DELIKON introduces a new line of Aluminum Liquidtight Connectors

For corrosive applications, DELIKON is proud to introduce Aluminum Liquidtight Connectors. These new fittings offer the highest possible solution for liquidtight applications in environments like food processing, paper mills, refineries and more.

          Aluminum connectors (FIXED or SWIVEL)    Aluminum connectors (BLACK)

IP 50 YF-708
IP 54

YF-704YF-707 Zero Halogen Water Proof Flexible Metal Conduit

IP 67

YF-705 PBF WNS Liquid tight Computer Blue PB

IP Rating

1st digit - protection against solid objects

2nd digit - protection against water

0 No protection No protection
1 Protected against objects greater than 50mm Protected against falling drops
2 Protected against objects greater than 12mm Protected against drops falling at 15
3 Protected against objects greater than 2.5mm Low pressure spray - similar to shower head at up to 60 from vertical
4 Protected against objects greater than 1.0mm Low pressure spray - similar to shower head - from any angle
5 Ingress of dust is not totally prevented but does not enter in harmful quantities Medium pressure jet -similar to garden hose - from any angle
6 No ingress of dust High pressure jet - similar to fire hose - from any angle
7 - Submersion at 1 metre for 30 minutes
8 - Higher water pressure eg: 5 bar for 5 hours. Conduits are tested in - house at up to 10 bar
Over Braided Flexible Steel Conduits for heavy industrySelect the right products by  Typical Applications  EMC SCREENING PERFORMANCE