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Electrical Flexible Conduits Systems.                                

Standard packaging methods for our flexible conduits:
Shrink wrapped coils, or woven PVC sheet wrappings
or cut to length and terminated

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flexible conduits, fittings, 
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Flexible conduit assemblies

Flexible Metallic Conduit 
with PVC covering and wire over-braiding
(helically coiled galvanized steel steel strip of the square-lock type with a PVC covering and wire over-braiding) 
Explosion Proof!
Type: YF-70
Protecting your wirings in wet locations. For use in a variety of industrial applications

Liquid tight flexible steel conduit

Liquidtight metal conduit is manufactured from an electro-galvanised steel flexible inner core which is pressure coated with an oil resistant, high temperature grade of plasticised PVC. The PVC is keyed into the corrugations of the inner steel flexible core, which prevents the PVC from wrinkling when the conduit is bent to its minimum bend radius.

     Swivel external thread brass connector

For heavy industry wirings
Over Braided Metal Liquid Tight Conduit is most suitable for protecting vulnerable industrial cables.

All metallic with wire over-braid for EMI shielding or abrasion resistance.
>>> Model SM70001
Braided flexible steel conduit
Flexible metal conduit for heavy mechanical stress

Over braided flexible metal conduit for steel mill wirings
Over Braided flexible metal conduit for steel mill wirings

Aluminum Liquid-tight Connectors,most suitable for liquidtight metal conduits Aluminum Liquid-tight Connectors,EASY to install,IP67 
Liquid-tight Connector
NEW Unique taper design
IP67 superior water tightness

Galvanized steel conduits with PVC jacket for wet locations
>>> Model YF-707

Water resistant


Shrink wrapped coil   Shrink wrapped coil
woven PVC sheet wrappings package for increased protection
Delikon Metal Liquid Tight Conduitwoven PVC sheet wrappings for Liquid Tight Conduit
Packing in Reels For Small ID Conduits

Packing in Reels For Small ID Conduits

EMC Shielding flexible conduitsReel for long length packaging*Other packaging method is also possible. Please inform us of your special requirements or provide us with your packaging designs and we will do the rest for you.   

Over Braided Flexible Steel Conduits for heavy industryHot metal splashes resistance
  Electrical Over Braided Flexible Steel Conduits for
heavy industry wiring applications.
Motorsport Stainless Steel Braided Racing Hose

Motorsport Stainless Steel Braided Racing Hose