Also Refer To: Braided Flexible Metal Conduit, Water Proof

Flexible steel conduit has many universal electrical wiring applications.
This conduit can withstand substantial impact and crushing forces.
*Flexible metal conduit with square locked or interlocked construction of galvanized steel strip *Good mechanical protection of wirings *All metallic constructions, inherent low fire hazard
Squeeze Type BX-Flex Connector,90 degrees
Flexible metal conduit, generally called Greenfield, is very adaptable because various sizes and numbers of wires can be pulled into it after it is installed. You may use plastic-covered Greenfield when the internal conductors are exposed to oil, gasoline, or other materials that have a -deteriorative effect on the wire insulation.

Flexible Conduit Systems For Marine Cables Protection

interlocked flexible steel conduitFlexible Steel Reinforced Metal Conduit (Model: YF-703-IN)

This flexible steel conduit is designed with an interlocking spirally wound metal armor. The design allows the conduit to be highly resistant to pressure, impact and mechanical stress, while providing superior flexing qualities.

Small bore Stainless Steel flexible Conduit for instruments wiringsSmall bore Flexible stainless steel conduit
Instrumentation tubing is used by manufacturers of various industries, such as
Process & Control Instrumentation, Measuring & Controlling Devices, Analytical Instruments, Medical Instruments and many others with specific applications including temperature measuring, wiring conduit or armor cable and protective casing.

Instrumentation tubing is made in two configurations, or constructions, commonly called SquareLok and InterLok, and is often abbreviated as SL and FI.

Overbraided Flexible steel conduit,Protective Braided Flexible Metal ConduitoverBraided flexible steel conduit for Underground stations where LFH properties and EMC screening are required

PVC Vacuum Jacketed Flexible Steel Conduit,InterLocked PVC Coated Flexible Metal Conduit

Flexible braided conduits are also used to protect sensitive electronic circuits such as communications, radar, and data transmission from outside interference or "noise". These conduits are also used when the reverse situation is also an issue.
EMI/RFI Shielding Flexible Conduits, Industry Wiring Braided Conduits