Liquid Tight Non-Metallic Connector (NPT Threads) Nylon conduit system for industry control wiring

Material: Plastic, Resistant to outdoor weather conditions, fast and easy installation
Most suitable for use with Non-Metallic liquid tight conduit, corrugated nylon conduit & PVC coated flexible metallic conduit. NPT thread.

Nylon conduit straight fittings Nylon conduit angle fittings

Non-metallic Liquid Tight Connector

  • Non-Metallic connectors offering liquid-tight connections:
    conector recto hermetico
    Connecting the flexible conduits to electrical boxes, enclosuresand machineries housings.

  • 3/8" - 2" trade size
    Straight or Elbow

Heavy Series Metal Fittings
Heavy Series Metal Fittings for braided flexible conduit

Metal Liquid Tight Connectors
Liquid Tight Connectors and Fittings
LT liquid tight Connectors offer excellent pull-off characteristics.

Metal Liquid Tight Conduit with integral copper bonding wire
Metal Liquid Tight Conduit
with Copper Bonding Wire

This angle non-metallic connector provides a smooth, gradual radius bend. Wiring is easily pulled or pushed through fitting and there are no sharp edges to strip wire.



Nylon conduit straight fittings    

Nylon conduit angle connector

Non Metallic Liquid Tight Connector Available Size: 3/8" - 2", Suitable for:

PB YF-707 Zero Halogen Water Proof Flexible Metal Conduit Liquid tight YF-806 InterLocked Liquid tight Flexible Metal  Conduit Thermoplastic Rubber Covered Steel Liquid Tight Conduit
PB YF-707 LSHF-707 YF-706 YF-806 YF-906